Sunday, March 12, 2006

OK It's a wrap! Finished cover for "HUNTED"

I'm pretty proud of this piece here. It will be the cover to a new book I'm working on with Rafael Nieves aka Raf. Now I gotta get crackin' on what's gonna go inside the book. Let me hear your comments and/or daggers to my fragile ego (whimper!) See I told you I'd be putting on more work! Later!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome, again!

Woa!! it's been a sec but yes I'm back updating this here blog! I have new pieces and some work in progress. Also I'm putting in some of my Illustrator art and some of my 3D stuff. So yes It's been a sec but hopefully worth the wait!


this is a project still in the works. Me and Raf have obviously had many projects come our way but we come back to this one because for one it's so cool! So I put my 3d skills to work and started to develop the city and of course the main character, Eidelon. I did my modeling on 3D Max 6 I've gone back and modified the character and city so stay tuned for those updates.