Sunday, June 22, 2008

MOB RULE 2 @ WizardWorld Chicago!!!!!

Jeeeez! this piece looks amazing!! It was created by Dan"The Man" Dougherty. It serves the purpose of promoting our second annual meet at WizardCon here in Chicago. This venture has been spearheaded by our very own Master Of Minds aka M.O.M who also goes by his secret code name: Rafael Nieves. It's one of the few events that we get to come together and it's grown since last year so who knows how big it'll get next year!? Come and be part of this grassroots event, phenomenon, EXTRAveganza!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stormrider - Clash of Evils

WOA NELLY! I love this series I got introduced to the world of Wind and Cloud about 10 years ago. The movie Stormriders was and still is a favorite of mine. Come to find out a sequel is being made Stormwarriors in 09, Awesome! Today I found out an animation based as a sequel to the '98 movie is in production to be released this year (I hope!) here's a trailer to that anime by

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a total geek for this, seriously! The animation looks amazing and very close to the comic. Now I collected as many issues as I could but since I lack the Chinese reading portion that is needed to understand these comics i don't really know who and what some of the stories are about. I try to follow them as much as possible and I tell you the truth they blow me away. Well from the little Manhua I read I have to say this is truly a joyous event and I am really looking forward to seeing these characters come to life in a animated format. Here's a link to the homesite,

Catch you all later!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Greatest Creations and my Stunning Sidekick!!

I thought I'd share a blast from my past! these were taken about few years ago of my daughter Bijan MaiLei and of my son Aiden Cruz, I still get a kick out of their imagination and laughter, you'll see why! Hope you get a kick out of them as well. I have to capture my wife Jackie on film one day! She's hard to get on camera, but I vow to get her on this here blog soon enough. She's the main reason why I'm still sane and the greatest LOVE of my life! One day honey ONE DAY! 'Til then here's a couple of pics of this Stunning Vixen along with two of my greatest creations, Bijan and Aiden, I love you both more than you'll ever know! Enjoy.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dragon Princess 2.0

Hi again! As many of you know the Wizard Con Chicago will be here in just a short time, June 26th - 29th! So I am preparing a few pieces that I will be selling and showcasing in the upcoming Con. This is one of them, The Dragon Princess. I'm hoping that the prints will be a big hit, One of my favorite pin up artists is Jim Silke, and like him I tried to bring the sexiness and fun into my pin ups. Don't know if i did a good job? you be the judge. I'm still in process mode as far as compiling my ideas for other projects so please PLEASE! write in and let me know if you like this piece, otherwise I'm just calling this whole thing off and becoming a librarian! Gracias all!