Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dave Stevens, Thank you!

On a sadder note another ICON has passed, One which I held in high regard and got a chance to meet in person and who I admired. Dave Stevens passed from a long battle with cancer. Read about it here http://www.aintitcool.com/node/35965

I really loved this man's work and even now I like catching The Rocketeer movie, cheesy as it might of been, it still rocked, no pun intended. Thanks Dave for everything!

Mainasha's Tweening Art, Diamond in the rough!

There's a great site that I have not talked about and that, apart from me being ashamed of myself for not mentioning it sooner, I'm also part of as far as contributor of content. The main Gal in charge of putting together such kick@$$ content is Mainasha, an accomplished animator and talented all around femme fatale! http://tweeningart.blogspot.com/ is the site and it's also below in my links under Tweening Art. Not only is it filled with inside info on animation and the animation industry but it's a chance to see her work. Well I promised to be posting more so I will on both sites! Go check her out!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Justice League The New Frontier animation

I have to say with all the talk about the Justice League Live Action movie in my opinion The New Frontier should be considered as the benchmark for its live action counterpart. Either that or begin the movie as a sequel to this one. If you have not seen The New Frontier animation yet, You really should pick it up. i got the 2 disc version and loved it even came with 3 episodes of Justice League Unlimited for under $20, not a bad deal. Seeing I've been trying to post in here more often about my mindless ravings I figured why not give props to some of these great pieces of geek delight. Thanks Ken for reccomending this Vid! and sorry Akey for not jumping at the chance to get this series when it first came out! For those of you who haven't seen it here's the trailer.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I can't wait!

Now when I saw this Vid I got pretty exited. Not only is this overdue, I think they should do this treatment for all American Superheroes, DC and Marvel alike. I think this type of artistic collaboration is very much needed in the existing Comic Book genre of today. Let's hope this is a seed for future projects, Excelsior!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Doodlin' @ lunchtime!

See told ya I'd be posting a bit more consistently! Well so far so good as far as using time wisely I've adapted a habit of sketching here at work when I have some down time. I found a great resource for just brushing up on your sketching (as well as your anatomy skills). It's found here, http://www.characterdesigns.com/index.php?sitepage=tutorials It features some beautiful renderings that will help as far as reference and just letting loose. I love to sketch in Pen, don't ask me why but it helps me develop a sense of urgency as far as getting the proportions right from the get go. Everyone has their own little method this is my little quirk. Here's a few samples I came up with. Check it out, Kevin Chen I believe is his name, really has alot of samples to sketch from.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hi Dee Ho!

Hey, Happy New Year! ok now that the festivities are over, oh wait and have a safe Valentines day! ok I'm done ok so you might be wondering what in God's name I've been up to well, A LOT OF WORK and not only that but I've been up and about looking for a place to move to. I love Chicago I've called it home for most of my adult life. Sadly opportunities here for what I'm looking for have pretty much dried up. Me and the family have set our sights on a warmer climate somewhere were the temperature wont drop below zero, actually below 40 :) Where is such a place you ask? Well we've narrowed it down to Austin Texas. Seems like a 360 turn but luckily I've done my research and it seems like a great place to live in, let alone work from. I happened upon this state oddly enough applying for a job there, just to see how far I'd get. I don't think I got the job but it opened up a world of possibilities for me. So I've been doing my homework and looked around to see where I could fit in, so far it's looking pretty good, we'll see. Anyhoo besides all that I've also been busy creating collateral material or plainly put some art for our clients here in H&G. I've also been hard at work putting together thumbnails and final penciled pieces for my little en devour - RIMANAKUY YAWAR the blood covenant.
Well enough chatter for now here's some of the stuff I've been working on.

Well hope to hear from you soon I have more, but that'll be when I start putting the pages together. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 03, 2008

slackjaw lazy good fer nuthin' swine!

Yea that's me sorry I've been BUSY and with this crappy weather it hasn't helped things any. I'll be posting tonite some of my new stuff I've been working on, So go easy on me, 08 I feel will be a better posting year for me!