Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holy Mama!

Hey all! Sorry I've been busy doing some writing for a web comic I'm (trying very hard!) to wrap up. I have alot of sketches and thumbnails drawn out unfortunately not enuff time to scan all of them. I know, I know I'm a slackjaw lazy good fer nuthin' swine, I couldn't agree more but I've at least posted what I sold as prints in the con. You can find them in my comicspace site, But as soon as i can get some time i will start posting some thumbnails and other sketches too. So if you have some time to waste check out my galleries. Just a few of shout outs to Tony "Malo", Raf, Norm , Gary, Doug, Crystal, Gio, Arnie, LaMo, man so many I can't count them all, Thanks for checking out my stuff and putting up with my last minute posts and CONGRATS on each of your individual projects. I look forward to hopefully contributing to some of them. I know I always forget to post stuff i said I'd post and maybe I will next time around when i re read what i wrote a month that sounds bad..EEch!