Friday, November 02, 2007

Hey look new art!

I was hoping to put up more, but I have a couple pieces I can show and that I'm pretty proud of. One is for my day job up at H&G. It's for an upcoming promotion that I've been assigned to do. I had alot of fun doing it and learned a few things along the way. It's very Alphonse Mucha inspired, he's an amazing artist that I have admired for years now. I have always wanted to create a piece that would pay homage to his great works and even though I'm not close by any means I hope I've gotten a bit closer with this one. It will probably change once it goes into the revision state, adding of legal copy and logos, so I want to share what I have so far while still in it's early stages, hope you all like it!

My next one is a piece I did for Bryan Kinnaird. I created a piece for his up coming flick called "VILLIKON CHRONICLES" I'm also pretty proud of it and being involved in a film project is pretty sweet. My art along with many other pieces from various talents from across the globe will run at the end of the movie. This is the first one I came up with, I'm hoping to create a couple more. The pissed off hottie jumping in mid air is Bermusa, and the hottie about to receive the beat down...(or will she? stay tuned...) is Mystere.

Well let me know what you all think I'll try and get more in as they get done. Once I finish up some of these jobs I will get back into my web comic. Yea I'm hoping to get that off the ground and put it up with the help of Transfuzion Comics by next year. More on that soon.