Friday, June 20, 2008

Stormrider - Clash of Evils

WOA NELLY! I love this series I got introduced to the world of Wind and Cloud about 10 years ago. The movie Stormriders was and still is a favorite of mine. Come to find out a sequel is being made Stormwarriors in 09, Awesome! Today I found out an animation based as a sequel to the '98 movie is in production to be released this year (I hope!) here's a trailer to that anime by

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a total geek for this, seriously! The animation looks amazing and very close to the comic. Now I collected as many issues as I could but since I lack the Chinese reading portion that is needed to understand these comics i don't really know who and what some of the stories are about. I try to follow them as much as possible and I tell you the truth they blow me away. Well from the little Manhua I read I have to say this is truly a joyous event and I am really looking forward to seeing these characters come to life in a animated format. Here's a link to the homesite,

Catch you all later!

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