Friday, September 30, 2005

WHAT!? that's it... you bum!

Well no! I got more, actually here are some pieces that I've done for different friends and clients. The two women chatting over coffee was a cartoon for a local mag. Shango (the guy with a white orb behind him) was for a friend of mine Jiba Molei Anderson for his book "The Horsemen Compendium" that came out in March. The rapper and kid leaning on the sign, were for UMI, a company I used to work for. The pregnant lady was for a fellow Graphic Designer, Lisa Cain. All these pics, except Shango who I drew and painted in photoshop, were made in illustrator.

Well that's it for now, I'll have more real soon. Not like next year soon, but soon enuff! Til' next time! (soon promise!)

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Aja said...

I love this stuff! This is great, man! I'm glad you've come from beneath the rock!!! Now, let's get crackin on being the next Stan Lee.