Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Painted Pics

Hola! Yea I was bored and decided to paint these characters. I'm trying out a new way of painting and I think I'm getting it down. I really admire artists like Kim Hyung-Tae and Tetsuya Nomura so I've been trying to get a style that reflects both of their coloring techniques. I think I'm getting closer. I'll have more soon, my computer went for a little trip to hell and I'm trying to resurrect the old girl. Soon I tell you soon!

1 comment:

TMALO70 said...

Great Colors Juan... You're one Talented Bastard, You know that??? Well, You should... You have got a grasp on colorin' that I can't touch with a Ten Footer... I look forward to seein' what heights You'll reach with it...