Friday, January 23, 2009


SO Christmas is gone, We are in 2009 now, wow where has the time gone and now we have a new President...Mr. Prez Obama... Big O!!! It's a hopeful time in America or at least in my eyes. In these times where a cloud of doubt and uncertainty glooms over our nation I look on the bright spots that still linger in our midsts. I'll admit it, I have a huge trust in GOD, and I don't let times such as these waiver my belief that you must first go down a valley before you reach a summit. Well I know not everyone will be in a happy or great mood now a days, one thing I do to bring me back to that happy state of mind is draw. It helps me focus on a totally different subject each time. Yet in every instance I get a very unique pleasure from the art I produce. Having said that, I've been doing a lot of art this past 2 months and I have a couple of links i'd like to share with you. Both are for the VILLIKON CHRONICLES a project I've been working on since last year. It was a great project and I got to meet a bunch of very talented folks while doing it. I hope that you enjoy it as well. Copy and paste each URL to your browser (Until I figure out how to make them into links!! Grrrr!). The first link is to the 2nd Volume in the series.

The second is to an article about yours truly and a bit of the inside process as to how I work.

Both links are to this cool site called Pulp Fantasy. Really great site I'd recommend to any artist, writer, director who wants to see their properties put out unto the web in a very professional manner. Well that's it for now. I'm getting better at posting at least it hasn't been months since my last post, LOL! More to come!

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