Wednesday, November 15, 2006

just a few more

More Mayara


Norm Dwyer said...

Welcome back!
I actually removed the link to your blog from my blog, cuz you like hadn't updated in two years or something.
But man! Nice to see you back postin. Nice work.

Norm Dwyer said...

the sketch Mayara05.jpg is my favorite of all the photos of the ladies. Brilliant. The others are nice, but kinda flat charictures, this one has some life and personality.

ShojinStudios said...

NORM!!!! Thanks man! yea i agree, I'm still figuring out who I'm basing her on, I have tons of mags with women and I narrowed it down to Natassia Malthe(Typhoid Mary in Elektra), Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls and Anggun the French/Javanese singer. I'm hoping to keep posting more sketches tonight or by the weekend. I gotta update your link aswell!