Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some old ideas coming to light

Hey all, I've always had an idea of creating my own book, and until recently I've been pondering the thought. Finally I simply put my ideas to paper, and started to develop a story and characters. Some are fairly old characters I've had in my sketchbook and my mental doodle book for years. I wanted to re-create them and so here are the first 2. I got alot more but I'm starting out with 3 main characters, here's 2 of the 3. The "Mami Caliente's" name is Mayara, and the "Mucho Macho" dude is Cruz. I've been coming out with some good ideas for them but I'll post more finished work later for now here's my random thoughts on paper. Hope you like em'


TMALO70 said...
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TMALO70 said...


Now this is what I was talkin' about GAWDDAMMIT!!!

You're scary when You do stuff like this... It makes me want to go out and win the Fuckin' Lotto so I can OWN You and Your Sooper-Talented Ass... And i'd make You draw some Skriddlee-Dee-Dabblee-Doos-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I AMAZE Myself, even when I'm praisin' You... Aren't I Magnificent ??? PEACE I'M OUT!!!


Norm Dwyer said...

Nice pants! On the cruz02.jpg sketch. I like. Everything else is cool too, but man those pants have life. Not an easy thing to do.

ShojinStudios said...

Sorry It has taken me this freakin long to answer you back Ton! Thanks man! i deeply appreciate the comments! I'll be posting more soon, I promise! I'm glad that when you get filthy rich I can share your filth! swweeeet retirement plan!

ShojinStudios said...

Thanks Norm! good ol' button fly, you can't go wrong with those!