Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Latest sketch-a-doodles

Yes it's been a sec but as always I found time to come up with some new sketches and I even painted one of them. I tend to talk too much and explain too much when i write these things in so I'll just let you see them for yourselves and let me know what you think! The Asian woman who i have named Otohime was conceived while sketching at a sketchmeet with Norm Dwyer and Tony Akins. Two of the most talented artist on this side of the planet! It was an awesome experience albiet brief, but I hope we can have more of them! Norm is moving to Montana soon at the end of the month to be exact and well, he was one of my earliest teachers, and I will miss him. Norm, hope I've made you proud!!! but hell it's only Montana, so maybe we can have a sketchmeet facing yellowstone park one day!


Fabio Catena said...

Congratulation man, your art is incredible!!!!!!

TMALO70 said...

You're so Bad-Ass juan... That's all I've got to say this time...