Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Ok so I'm all late about it, but on my defense I've been busy at work and at home. All this shopping for presents can zap you of your superhuman ability to doodle, well at least it zapped mine. All in all it was very cool festivities! My Baby got me, Kim, Hyung-Tae's OXIDE 2x!! I screamed "SweetBabyJesus, this is what Christmas is all about!" as soon as I opened it. That didn't go over too well at first, but after I reflected on what this holiday is all about and explained to my wifey, that my enthusiasm came from the thought of knowing how Kim's artwork has influenced not just myself but countless others all over the world and how now I was part of that creative chain that would in turn help me create hundreds, no THOUSANDS of pieces that would in turn inspire others to create, and so on and so on and by then I realized I was talking to the tree. Seeing that I had failed to drive my point home, I went thru my old sketchbooks and found a few sketches that I forgot I even drew. So in this season of inspiration, here's some doodles that were inspired by whole lotta artists and I hope inspire u aswell. Oh and in case I forget to mention it! ComicSpace rocks majorly... is that even a word, oh well! Yea so go check it out, drop by say hello! Pick up a few friends along the way, i did!


TMALO70 said...


I told You before how Fuckin' Awesome these are... And, they still RAWK... The Little Fantasy Robed Kid is still my Fave... It shows a Wider Range to Your Character Design Sensibilities... As always, my Friend, nice stuff...



ShojinStudios said...

Gracias Bratha! It means alot coming from you!