Thursday, October 30, 2008


Thanks Bryan!! I got involved with VILLIKON CHRONICLES: PROCLIVITY, by chance trying to help out and hopefully be part of something BIG and sure enough I did! I really am enjoying drawing up the comic book Prequel to the movie and hopefully have more work from Bryan down the line. So far it's been a thrilling experience. I'll keep all of you posted. More Vids and art coming soon. In the meantime check out
for more info and sneak peeks of this awesome flick coming next year!

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GIO said...

I don't know what Proclivity means man lol Guess I'll have to Google what that means lol :) Maybe it means Cool as hell lol The art looks really tight on the comic bro! Congrats on this! :) Hope the movie is a success too. Well, I'll catch ya later bro. Hope the fam is well. Peace :)-GIO

PS- I sent ya an email a few weeks ago. Just a heads up :)