Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woa it's been a sec!

Jeeez, well if there is still anyone out there reading this blog, I'm still alive, just BUSY as a Mo'Fo' hence why I am posting like a year later, lol. As many of you know I have a day job as an Art Director and I also Freelance for a living. Not only that but I'm a full time Daddy and Husband, so yea I have little time next to no time to post. Fortunately I've found a light at the end of this here tunnel and I can update this here Blog before I go back to being a hermit! Here are a few samples of some work that has kept me busy most of the summer...

This here was a campaign for the good folks at MHOA. I enjoy coming up with ideas that I can see through to it's final creation, this here was one of those projects. It was a lot of work but it payed off, maybe you might of seen these up a local McD or you happen to attend one of these events, regardless it was fun and I hope to do it again next year. Anyone have a lowrider they can sell me?

Here's another poster that got to see the light of day. It's for a back to school promotion. 

This one is for the Newberry Library exibit of very old children books. I was hoping to create a poster for them but it didn't happen... sigh!

Here's a small intro animation I created for a presentation we did for the Shedd Aquarium.

Here's another Intro i did for the Chicago Historical Museum. No sound or resized pics but you'll get the jist!

I'll post a few TV spots I created along with the fine folks at MasCommunications!

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