Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hey Y'all

How goes it people! How has the past month treated you? As for me I've been here bustin' chops and gettin' busy with work. I really suck at writing and making sense of all that's going on around us. Friends and families losing jobs, not getting jobs, jobs not being available the whole thing with our economy and how the "powers" that be still are trying to get away with murder... ahem Roland Burris yea I'm talking to you!! Anyhoo, since last I wrote alot has happened good and bad mostly good so I will stick to the positives. I've met a slew of great people that have truly been blessings. Many I've known for literally decades some I've just met this year! All in all one thing I've learned is always be thankful for your blessings and so here I am thanking them!
First off check out this site I've mentioned in here before it's it's a great site that is getting up there with content. I've even been adding my two sense in there so go check it out! While in there please go into the comics secti
on there you can see and read the
 latest chapter in Bryan Kinnaird's Proclivity, the comic series that is a prelude to the upcoming film the Villikon chronicles. Go read more about it...

Straight from Chicago I got to work with a great producer and musician, House legend Ron Carroll. The man is a top of his game. Thanks to Paulina "Pashii" I got a chance to work on his
 logo for a new label that Ron is spearheading. Read up on my man Ron...

This is the Final look for Ron's logo!

I did a similar task for fellow Chicagoan and Gospel Music Legend Percy Bady. He is truly a wonderful person and an amazing artist. I got to create Percy's logo last year and had
 an amazing experience while doing it.
 Check him out

This is Percy's logo for his company!

I also worked with a few others in the music industry. Keep an eye out for these labels I'm just glad I got to contribute to the cause! I'm a huge fan of all music... even Ranchera music but not too much... So every single endeavour I've taken on from last year onto this year has been a blessing!
This logo I created for a New York label called OvahGround Records!

This here logo is for Teethed On Records based here in Chicago! I'm getting a bit hungry!


This one is for StreetLight Eternal Entertainment. Also from Chicago, I'm telling you we have some awesome talent here in Chi-Town, keep an eye out for all these labels you might see them in an itunes store near you!

Last but not least I just want to encourage so many of us artists who are honestly in need of a break. As you can tell the businesses are out there waiting in need of our skills don't give up, keep a positive outlook it only helps you go through these times with a lot more ease. I hope to see more of you all later, either here or in one of these many links I've provided! I hope you all have a great week! WATCHMEN... Friday! Can't wait!!!!!!!


GIO said...

Watchmen cool :) I'm going to wait for it to come out on DVD. Something abuot a glowing blue dingaling on a HUGE screen makes me uneasy lol Dark Knight was cool though :) Lots of huge explosions and the Joker was fun to watch. I hear you don't really feel a connection to the goodguys in Watchmen too much. Like the one that first gets killed. Would you feel bad for a guy that shoots a woman in the head that HE impregnated? lol Maybe that's just me, I don't know. Hope you like it though man :)

Yeah my clientele is lacking bro. And I don''t understand how that Linked In site's Slideshow works at all. I want to put up my new CG's but it's not working at all. Is it working for you?

ShojinStudios said...

LOL!! Watchman has a been a favorite series of mine since I first got my hands on it back in the 90's. I read it like 3 times because it got pretty deep. I can see where Moore gets his "dislike" of superheroes for the simple reason that in his eyes they are not super at all actually he portrays them more demented and troubled then any average Joe. I dug it a lot the movie was Superb! I enjoyed it. It was something worth talking about. Gio How have you been man!? Hope all is well with you, sorry to hear the clients are scarce but really it's everywhere. I'm hanging in there though! That slide show is kinda tricky but I did get it to work after a few times tinkering with it. Dude drop me a line with your work... better yet create a blog Dude your pieces are def looking GREAT!! Keep it up Bro, you've come a looooooong way!!!!!!!

GIO said...

Well I'll defenitly give that to the Watchmen. They defenitly have done something never done with Superheros before. They defenitly get props for that :)

I guess I'll have to keep trying at that Slideshow thing. I'll get it eventually lol

And yeah it's abuot time I got myself one of these blogger blog things :) Seems like alot of arists have one.

Everything's been cool with me hermano :) My surgery is scheduled for the 30th of this month. I'm getting the screws put into my head on the 24th. They're giving me a week for the swelling to go down before they hook me up to the halo and drill. Defenitly the freakiest experience I'll ever have lol

I have a girlfriend too! :) This month on the 26th will be half a year we've been together :) She's the kindest most loving woman I've ever met and ever been with. We're going to be getting married after my surgery and disability get squared away :) Her name's Rina. She's got a kid too. Her name's Cella. She's like 7 years old. We all had dinner the other night at a mexican restaurant and it was a real cool experience for me :) Gave me a look at how it would be married to her and it was real cool :) Saving up for a wedding ring. That's why I'm selling posters and other stuff right now.

I'll let you know where my blog is on this Blogger site when I get it up and running :) Hope your wife and kids are doing great man :)

GIO said...

Sup Juan :) I've got a blog on Blogger too now. So if you want to check it out, here's a link:
I just finished a new Boxing CG on there and just put it up. Hope you dig it. Peace :)-GIO

arnie said...

always the professional and it still boggles my mind. i still remember the advice you gave me sensei, and i'm going to be putting it to good use very soon.

peace out