Sunday, April 05, 2009

Work related stuff!

Hiya all! I will have some new pieces up from my own projects soon. For now here are some work related pieces that I've been working on. Some will be around the Chicagoland area very soon actually both in print and web. If you go to in the next week or so you'll see a few banners I created for the site.  I also created a logo for a site called along with a popular bag named the Honemoon Bag. I really suck at promoting myself so please excuse my very late announcements! Please go check them out including where the poster that I created for the promotion is highlighted! Mostly I'm keeping busy putting my services to good use. Oh Watchmen RAWWKED! Not quite a true rendition to the graphic novel but I really liked it! Wolverine on th.... know what I wont say anymore, I'll stick to what I know and that's to show you all pretty pictures, the kind that don't make your stomach turn and produce vomiting sensations after viewing them, the kind that don't make a grown man cry from the agony of seeing a potentially GREAT picture be turned into something far less gratifying and less enjoyable to behold... But I digress, on with the pretty pictures(or at least I hope you'll like them more than that gawwd awful download that I have not seen yet from Fox that got leaked a few days ago!) Enjoy!!!

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